Landscaping with Water in Mind

Water Quality Practices
Water quality practices aim to collect runoff water, which is then either used or encouraged to infiltrate the ground and filter through the soil.

Rain Gardens
Rain gardens are sunken gardens designed to capture water from roofs and driveways and allow it to soak into the ground. They are planted with a variety of native plants to attract hummingbirds and butterflies, but do not hold water long enough to breed mosquitoes.

Infiltration Pits
Infiltration Pits or Trenches are constructed pits or trenches that are dug, lined with landscape fabric and filled with rock or a matrix of hollow plastic blocks to create underground water storage until the water drains into the underlying soil.   

Native Plantings

Native Plantings are areas of native trees, shrubs and ground covers that keep water clean by filtering runoff and holding soil in place. Native plant species create natural north woods beauty and provide homes for a diversity of creatures.

Rain Barrels
Rain barrels are covered barrels that collect water from rain gutter downspouts. The water can be used for watering gardens and potted plants.